It is our primary goal to be the first HALO (Helping and Leading Others) employment partnership organization in America that takes a heart-felt and holistic approach to bringing viable local employers, (Businesses, Organizations and Government-BOG) to local job seekers. This is a huge goal, but we desire to serve our employer clients on a level that is simply unprecedented as customer service and attentive care is our specialty.

For HUBZone, startup, small and emerging, small, mid and large businesses that may need back office support, technical support, website design, business/capture development, human resources, administrative, managed services, accounting, social media monitoring, press releases, and business communication, we want to help you immensely. If you cannot afford a full-time staff yet still need the above services, we have an ideal solution for your business at this time.  Our idea is very innovative and ideal: Our direct mailing within your local community with your specific hiring needs could be an option for you to joining our HALO from unemployment to employment movement.

Why?  Finding a talented stay home parents, retirees, students, veterans, transitioning military and government contractors with an earned value and performance base system may be the answer you are looking for at this time. The benefits are very strong as our customized mailers will contain your job posting. The beauty of our service is that the mailings and services could be tax deductible, as our organization is a not for profit.

One direct mailing—for a small donation, the candidate could apply directly on your website

For a recommended donation, we also provide manage services, through our rigorous process, to identify the right fit candidate, not only for the job, but for the office environment. In-turn creating jobs for others within the community to support your hiring needs.

Placing strong and reliable employees in professional positions is our primary goal for our respective employer clients who are looking for dependable help. We take a great of ownership and responsibility in presenting you with the best candidates who are prepared and have adequate transportation for a smooth start in their new employment opportunity. Our commitment to helping our applicants succeed is very strong and sincere because we have a vested interest in their employment success.

Features of Being a 3DiF Cornerstone Employer Client

  • Post Your Jobs on our website and direct local mailer
  • Search Resumes
  • Excellent customer service when writing the job description that is being featured in our promotional mailer which goes to hundreds of applicants.
  • Qualified and vetted employees who are ready to work and are dependable.
  • A designated staff person who is assigned to your account and manages all updates.
  • Personalized and attentive care when it comes to finding the right people to work for your company.
  • Full service sourcing


  • Brand your company an online community website that is dedicated to featuring the jobs you have to offer in a friendly and professional manner
  • Monthly promotional packets of your featured jobs that are mailed directly to applicants’ residence
  • Access to an excellent staff that is attentive to your needs
  • Access to community partners who want to help your new hires succeed
  • HALO (helping and Leading others) Movement