It is our primary goal to be the first HALO (Helping and Leading Others) employment partnership organization in America that takes a heart-felt and holistic approach to bringing viable employers and qualified applicants together for employment opportunities for people looking for work.


Businesses, Organizations and Government (BOG), community collaborating from unemployment of local stay home parents, retirees, entrepreneurs, students, transitioning military, and transitioning government contractors to local employer’s hiring needs.

Who Do We Serve?

It is our goal to create a vibrant local economy, supplemental income, and platform for people with such great talents to give back in a dramatic manner. The people we serve are students looking for an opportunity to build up their resume in a professional environment, entrepreneurs looking for the right start, and military who will have real time forum to assist with matching with the right job. We will also serve people who are losing their contracts and seeking employment now so they will have future income to sustain themselves and their families.


Our sincere staff knows the employment transitional time is rough because if a person is looking for work they probably need the very basics in life to survive during this crucial time.  We totally understand the applicant’s perspective because we have been there, and we want to serve our clientele with integrity and complete follow-through. After all, it is the right thing to do and it follows our core principles of God, Family, Veterans and Country.


The 3DiF Cornerstone provides the platform to assist an individual when unemployment surfaces in their life one piece at a time. First, enhancing their core values, (honesty, trust, respect, integrity, commitment, open minded, individuality, equality and accountability), provide iCare healing platform, and restoration by creating a performance base community.  This is all designed to ensure that the right person is sitting in the right seat for short or long-term employment.