12 Pillars of Cornerstone

Job Seekers

The mission is to help people transition from unemployment to employment.

Civil Duties

We all as human beings have a right to learn the laws (both biblically and of country, state, and city). This civic education allows a person to become familiar with the system to love, provide, care and protect one another, home, families, communities, country and world by being right and just consistently and in all things.

Joint Servant Leadership

In partnership with Businesses, Organizations, Governments & Academia Resource Center with Learn it, Live and Lead it Leaders, we will explain the benefits of servant leadership. This phase will allow individuals to learn about management services to support job seekers and employers.


Our goal is to help others respect their earnings through educational workshop and counselling truthful, right and just partnerships.


In support of our multi-generational and multi-dimensional and multi-faceted children. Our intent is to partner with organizations, businesses, and government allowing an opportunity for a child to explore their passion and purpose.

Health & Welling

In support of the Halo health and iCare well-being movement.


Our goal is to partner with universities, businesses, and government allowing an individual to identify their passion and purpose.

Social Skills

In support of building and creating human communication and relationships through events, coaching, buddy system, fellowship

Medical & Medicine

This phase will allow our partners to support, nurture, and provide medical assistance or education for job seekers, employers and future employees.

Life Skills

In support of our multi-generational, multidimensional and multifaceted person. Our intent is to partner with organizations, businesses, and government allowing an opportunity for a person who is ready and willing to not backslide to explore their passion and purpose through qualified biblically demonstrated buddy system.  This buddy systems allows someone who has learn to walk in the fullness of Jesus who will wash the feet of Judas, and possesses a pure heart, pure mind and pure intentions of healing to help the mentee grow accordingly.

Transitioning Members

In support of job seekers, employers and future employees, this phase will help people transition into a vast array of areas for professional development.


In support of individuals who were created to own their own businesses. This phase will help entrepreneurs start, grow, and expand their businesses in a timely and orderly manner so nothing is overwhelming at all.

Kind Words From Happy Seekers

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