About Us

We take care of your human resources, administrative, management consulting and training so you can focus on the mission of your organization. We’ve been building our team and expertise since 2016, delivering for state, local and federal Government agencies, as well as prime contractors. Our field is evolving and changing very quickly, so we are continuously learning. We put that expertise to work by staying current, in terms of our people, processes, technology and relationships, so that your organization can stay protected and run smoothly with accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Our Approach

At 3DiF, our approach is high-quality because of our values—commitment and compassion to deliver success for our clients and employees—by our seamless, transparent and selfless services for our customers. We believe in our values, philosophy and principles, which allow us to be the performance-based employee- centric company. We challenge our employees to stay current, plan ahead and pay it forward.  In addition, we provide them with the platform to share their ideas, improve their characters, respect their environment and become leaders in the overall process. We support our team members, give them an active voice and the confidence that they can trust their leadership and their ideas will be heard.

Our Approach to Retaining Our Employees:

  1. Fortune 100 benefits, including marketplace perks
  2. Employee Assistance Programs
  3. Over 3000+ Skillsoft courses—instructor-led and online live
  4. Employee Award Programs
  5. Self-Assessment Performance Review (30-60-90 days)
  6. Buddy System in the workplace
  7. Executive wellness check
  8. We believe in investing first in our “performance-based employees” who will, in turn, provide the best services to our client and community.

Our mission is to build, grow and maintain a transparent, multi-dimensional, multi-generational and multi-faceted skilled workforce through selfless people, processes, technology, and teamwork, resulting in success both for our clients and employees.

3DiF is small in size, but big in quality, performance and transparency. Our company is focused on addressing the needs of our clients, job seekers and vendors by practicing three core values:

  • Determination
    Change Management: (Determination to dream, believe, create, and achieve)
  • Diversity
    Peak Performance: (Multifaceted employees who are the best they can be: creative, punctual, interested in professional development and serving others while performing in their task areas)
  • Depth
    Resilience: Five core elements of resilience--the physical, mindful, emotional, social and spiritual components--provide a positive imprint on the lives of our clients and the success of our employees.
Who We Serve
  • Governments (federal, state and local)
  • Government Contractor
What We Serve
Where We Serve
  • Nationwide
Why We Serve
  • Foster a performance-based, transparent, truthful,  honest, fair and just working environment for high performers with a passion—blueprint for economic development beginning with self, work, home, family and community.
How We Serve
  • Performance-based employees
  • Processes
  • State-of-the-art and compliant technology
  • Teamwork

Fact Sheet

  • 3DiF is an emerging startup, 100% SDVOSB-CVE, WOSB, HUBZone-owned
  • Company created in 2011 and 100% active June 2016
  • We accept purchase cards for payment.
  • We use Deltek Cost Accounting System, to ensure DCAA and SCA, both Odd & Even WD compliance.
  • We use an accountable time & attendance keeping & reporting system then provide that to our clients
  • We use MS Office 365 and Azure Government, DFARS compliant.
  • We have strong financial stability support through our banks and AR Funding to support contract awards.
  • We are a National Center for Veteran’s Institute of Procurement, 2017 graduate

Our Philosophy and Principles

3DiF is a multi-dimensional “relationship-building” company that works smarter, not harder. 3DiF is a faith-based firm established on Biblical principles and values. We treat our clients and employees the way we would like to be treated.


Our Philosophy
We treat our customers as if their business is our own.  We understand that our clients have different methodologies and values in how they run their lives, businesses and organizations.

A major part of our service is cultivating relationships based upon respect and performance. We achieve this by communicating with our customers to learn their hot buttons, environment, operations and current needs, so we can help them to best reach and exceed their goals.

We are committed to you, our customer, and to serving your best interests

We respect your corporate or governmental values and will work within those guidelines.

Team Work
Much of what we do is in partnership with other service providers.  To provide you with the best possible service, we will work with trusted partners to create solutions whose skills complement our own, so that the combined efforts of our team meets all your needs.

Even when we use partners and subcontractors, we work for you, and will provide records that document our work and progress toward your objectives.