3DiF is a Registered Service Provider of Administrative Contract Services for State, Local & Federal Government Agencies We Provide Human Resources, Administrative, Professional Development and Information Technology Services to Civilian and Government Agencies As a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor We Also Provide Information Technology Services From Startups to Global Corporations Through Staff Augmentation Arrangements 541612 (P) Human Resources and Management Multifaceted employees performing in a multi-generational working environment result in high-quality people, processes, technology and teamwork 561110 Administrative and Management Support Services Top performers…creative thinking style, continuous learners with keen interest in developing, establishing and maintaining the process, while being efficient, effective and on time.
611430 Training
A critical trait necessary for today’s experienced executives is the ability to effectively manage the multi-generational workforce. By 2020, there will be five generations working side-by-side in large organizations.

Why 3DiF? Start-up company with Fortune 100 benefits. Attract, empower and train multifaceted employees.
Our Purpose-Driven Not-for-Profit 501c3 3DiFCornerstone, a one-stop community job creation and placement center, fueling local economic vitality! A community that’s coming together to create jobs and identify and employ jobseekers who may be veterans, seniors, stay-at-home parents or students. This includes a place for employees who may be “in between” jobs after being laid off from companies that have lost contracts, and a resource for employers, expanding and relocating their businesses in the area and ready to hire pre-screened, trained performance-based employees with skills and experience to support back office, administrative, human resources, accounting, business development, marketing, capture and proposal development for government contractors. Categories: Charitable, Educational, Biblical Principles and Scientific. 
SCC ID: 0795955 - 4
EIN: 47-4340720