Our Guide Stones

The 3 Ds

We are committed to:

  • DISCIPLINE in our work processes
  • DETERMINATION to finish the tasks well
  • DILIGENCE serving our customers in line with our core mission statements

Small in Size, Big in Quality and Performance

We Support: 

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Governments (national, state and local)
  • Universities
  • Organizations
  • Communities.


Virginia Job Hunters


  • We follow best practices in our profession of managing government service contracts
  • This is a business, not a hobby. We follow business rules and guidelines
  • We are not amateurs in this marketplace. We know and follow rules of ethical conduct

Professional Discipleship

A disciple is a follower of a teacher. We follow best practices in our profession of managing government service contracts We believe in professional development We practice it as a staff We find the best for our clients


Virginia Job Hunters


  • We will take proactive steps to solve problems if and when they emerge.
  • We will suggest supplemental offerings that may enhance your business effectiveness and profitability
  • We will create opportunities for your business to become more successful


Purpose Driven

  • We tie every action to our core purposes
  • We avoid taking on work that is outside our core purposes.


  • We will not compromise our integrity
  • We will not break faith with our clients

Virginia Job Hunters


We are committed to you our customer, and to serving your best interests.


We respect your corporate or governmental values and will work within those guidelines.

Team Work

Much of what we do is in partnership with other service providers.  Rather than try to do for you what we aren’t good at, we will work with trusted partners to create solutions


Even when we use partners and subcontractors, we work for you, and will provide records that document our work and progress toward your objectives.

Virginia Job Hunters

Veteran Support

  • We are a service-disabled veteran-owned company and promote the interests of veterans
  • We participate in veteran activities
  • We help companies connect with qualified veterans as trained and qualified employees
  • We give preference for veteran-owned solutions when seeking subcontractors

Our Philosophy, Restated

  • We are creating an environment within our company as mentor/protégé entrepreneurs.
  • We treat every individuals who are Disciplined, Determined and Diligent in delivering services based on our core values
  • We build excellence with a shared commitment to moral and ethical behavior and full accountability.